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McGill University
LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Nov 25 - basically a longer version of the midterm - N400 might definitely operates at the lexical level - complement coercion doesn't have to do it (read is the least common, but began still takes longer) - maybe it's began + NP, but no, it's only when you have to fill in something different, not when it's the verb itself - testing the ambiguity hypothesis: if you're priming it by giving away the verb in the previous sentence, does it then still take longer? - pairs of sentences: a context sentence and a target sentence - they predict that if it's ambiguity that's the problem, then one and three should be the same - one is still greater than three, and two is greater than four - thus it can't simply be the ambiguity - Complement Coersion Study: - coerced, anomalous, control -> judge whether the sentence makes sense - interested in the effect of article (the NP that follows the verb) - does it then have to do with semantics? - if there's an aspect that has to do with semantic composition, then coerced control = anomalous control - they got 86% accurate on their control condition, which means that there could be something wrong - maybe some of their controls were off - amf - amplitude is greater for coersion than for control samples - amf - amplitude was no different for anomalous and control sentences - M350 - amplitude was greater for anomalous than control - thus N400 and M350 are related - are they the same thing in different types of measurements - same kind of effect in expectance, semantic similarity, phonological
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