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Lecture 22

LING 330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Laminal Consonant, Alveolar Ridge, Vocal Tract

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LING 330
Peter Milne

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March 23rd
Consonants of the world
Obstruction of airstream using articulators
Place of articulation
Active articulator Passive articulator
A physical location in the vocal tract
Target of the gestural movement
We have phases for all of these gestures.
Instead of thinking of it as a POA, think of it as a gesture
You want to a sound in a particular way
Manner of articulation
Degree and/or type of constriction
A physical description of the motion
Way in which the target is approached
Speech sounds involve gestural movements, not static positions
We see this in spectrograms with vowels (they are never static)
UCLA Phonetic Segment Inventory Database
Madiesson (1984): Patterns of Sounds
Started back in the 50’s
451 languages
Made an effort to balance the database
Genetically and geographically balanced
Place of articulation: targets
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