MATH 223 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Toeic, Ranch To Market Road 187, Electrical Connector

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Q7 (d) to assign too low a value to
n. capacity
Q10 (a) to support; to inspire; to give hope adj. head
(d) conformity; agreement; coordination; suitability adj. international
(e) to terminate; to end; to destroy; to defeat; to complete
n. cheque
o. display
(d) breadth; thickness
(e) something that is demanded; necessity; something that is needed
(f) to match; to correspond; to resemble; to be similar to
n. population
(d) maltreatment; corrupt practice; foul language
Test 99/words: package, store, inalienable, witness, superior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(d) worldwide; universal; of the whole world
to summarize; to review with a short summary TOEIC Vocabulary /
Meaning by Word / Test # 178 adj. acquainted
(d) flat receptacle used to hold other items; platter
to represent by chart; to draw a curve representing a given function adv.
to outlaw; to forbid by law; to interdict; to ban; to prevent Q3 Q8 TOEIC
Vocabulary / Meaning by Word / Test # 152
to add a footnote; to place a note that directs readers to another source of
information (in a book, journal, etc.)
(h) to instruct; to provide with intellectual or spiritual understanding
v. accelerate
PHOTOCOPIABLE (b) to prompt; to spur; to provide inspiration; to stir to
action; to induce
(c) concrete; mortar; bonding agent; filling (for teeth) Q10
(d) in some way
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