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Management Core
MGCR 331
Richard Donovan

Software 11032012 65900 PM91 What is a software and what is the difference from hardware computing hardwarewere talking about the physical components of information technologythe equipment that you can physically touch including computers storage devices networking equipment and other peripheralsIts software that makes the magic of computing happen more precisely its the instructionsthe software codethat enable a computer to do something wonderful driving the limitless possibilities of information technologySoftware refers to a computer program or collection of programssets of instructions that tell the hardware what to do Software gets your computer to behave like a Web browser or word processor makes your iPod play music and video and enables your banks ATM to spit out cashConclusionSoftware refers to a computer program or collection of programs It enables computing devices to perform tasksWhat are the major classifications of software and give examples of each Conclusion You can think of software as being part of a layer cake with hardware at the bottom the operating system controlling the hardware and establishing standards the applications executing one layer up and the users at the topunderstand that softwares are everywhere from computers to cellphones to ATMcars 92 Operating SystemsWhat is an operating system and why computing devices require operating systems The operating system has come role to control the computing hardwareDifferences between the Windows and Mac operating systems are evident throughout the user interface particularly when a program interacts with hardware These items look and behave differently because each of these functions touches the hardware and the team that developed Microsoft Windows created a system distinctly different from their Macintosh counterparts at Apple ConclusionThe operating system sometimes called the OS provides a common set of controls for managing computer hardware making it easier for users to interact with computers and for programmers to write application software ex Similarly when Apple provided developers with a common set of robust easytouse standards for the iPhone and via the App Store an easy way for users to install these applications on top of the iPhoneiPod touchiPads operating system iOS software development boomed and Apple became handsdown the most versatile mobile computing device availableHow embedded systems extend Moores Law allowing firms to create smarter products and services many smaller specialpurpose computing devices have their operating systems installed on nonvolatile memory often on readonly memory ROM chipsControl programs stored on chips are sometimes referred to as firmwaresoftware store on nonvolatile memory chipsAnother term you might hear is embedded systems As computing gets cheaper specialpurpose technology is increasingly becoming embedded into all sorts of devices like cars picture frames aircraft engines photocopiers and heating and air conditioning systemsMoores law enables embedded systems ExThe Otis Elevator Company a division of United Technologies uses embedded systems in its products to warn its service centers when the firms elevators escalators and moving walkways need maintenance or repair ConclusionEmbedded systems are specialpurpose computer systems designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions and are frequently built into conventional products like cars air conditioners and elevatorsEmbedded systems can make products and services more efficient more reliable more functional and can enable entire new businesses and create or reinforce resources for competitive advantage 93 Application Software Application software focuses on the work of a user or an organizationWhat is the difference between desktop and enterprise software Operating systems are designed to create a platform product and services that allow for the developtment of software product and other complementary goods so that programmers can write additional applications allowing the computer to do even more useful thingsWhile operating systems control the hardware application software or even just apps perform the work that users and firms are directly interested in accomplishing where real work gets done
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