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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

030512Dr Cameron Black worked at a research center Merck Frosst in Quebec until it closed down It was one of Mercks smaller centers and it allowed employees to work closely together and coordinate their efforts MF was closed downActually Big Pharma is cutting on research spending because of high costs and low return There is something wrong with the business model of drug developmentThe 60s was the golden age of drug discovery because of the rat model When developing a drug you have to think about o Whether you want to be an innovator more likely to fail or a followero Will the disease be relevant in 10 yearsOdanacatib is a cathepsin K inhibitor to treat osteoporosiso Basically its an enzyme used by osteoclasts to break down boneo Bone is a dynamic tissueo Osteoclasts chew on bone and form pits They need to create a low pH to dissolve bone o Osteoblasts recruited to deposite new boneo Your entire skeleton turns over in 5 years o Cathepsin is a protease that acts on type 2 collagen among many things There are actually 17 different cathepsins and they have 75 homology between each other o But you need to be selective when inhibiting cathepsins because elimination of cathepsin L can cause cardiomyopathyo Through hithroughput screening and robotics they could
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