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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
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MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

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thMonday February 13 2012 REVIEW Human Genome Project Cracking the Code Expect a quiz question on the film and the genome race The key take home message would be the proscons between public and private and the competition For example private is faster and costs less money but public is shared information Moral outrage that Celera was keeping the information for themselves while they were also downloading on a daily basis someone in the film was upset about this But this data how many people really care about it The cost was not free it was taken out of US Canadian and French grant money They claimed that it did not impact funding on other projects however this is probably not true The 3 billion dollars spent was from taxpayers therefore we own the genome The only thing is that we dont have a use for it It takes a lot of time for bioinformatics experts to decipher it It is probably the best option to make it available to everyone because if it was not made available there would be a public outcry even though people couldnt really use it themselves They also discuss patents The one thing that we know is that they are expensive and they take a big risk They tried to patent the genome Eventually Celera brought all of its information onto the web Another possible question what did we do with the genome data Most things are done in races race to the moon etc In one sense everyone begrudgingly admits that the race was good in terms of speeding everything up The problem was that the University scientists wanted to retire on this project when Venter said it could be technically done in 2 years This race could possibly be a bad thing people now are rushing eg big pharma to make drugs without even understanding the pathology of diseaseCelera was just going to supply the information to the rest of the planet however it didnt actually work the way that they wanted it to Patents A patent is basically a defensive legal document that a patent attorney takes to court when it is challenged It is only a document that you are holding that no one else in some obscure little place has grounds to sue on your patent To be sued your patent needs visibility they must be important and they must be money makers Patents are something that an attorney takes to a judge and the judge with advisors presumably decides which patent is viable and which is now invalid Patent attorneys make most money because of these cases not writing the patents This is why there are patent agents people often cannot afford to
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