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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
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Robert Murgita

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thMonday February 6 2012 Vaccine Wars Millennium Development Goal Arguably the 4 boxed millennium goals are impossible without vaccines Distribution of Global Disease Burden Circled ones are the ones we have vaccines for Example of reading the graph for Hepatitis C there is 1000000 DALYS life years lost and 90 are in developing countries This shows that there are huge numbers of lives lost but the majority of them are in developing countries Military Spending Puts Pressure on Health Education health and defense what most countries spend money on There is no doubt that the military competes with health for money From the chart undeniable is that as you increase military spending health gets squeezed So those of us interested in health MUST be activists in the areas of health and military expenditures Vaccine Pricing and Supply When we got our vaccines they cost a couple of dollars Now for example HPV vaccines cost 500600 dollars This is many magnitudes higher just in our lifetime Before the GAVI vaccines were very poorly distributed in the developing world These people say that they want vaccines in these developing countries and it doesnt matter what will happen to the price in developed countries This lead to black market deals the cheaper drugs sent to developing countries were actually rerouted elsewhere for profit The markup potential for vaccines is comparable to cocaine Initially GAVI just gave countries the vaccines For example when they gave them to Rwanda in some cases they sold it BUT you need the infrastructure to deliver it and store it So in many of these poor countries you only got 10 of the vaccine out to the peopleSo GAVI not only gave them the vaccine they gave them some money to support storage Vaccine Pricing II Health System Strengthening Approach giving money to poor countries to improve storageinfrastructure The first Hepatitis B vaccine became available in 1985 It took until 2008 to get to some people The average time between when the vaccine is widely available in developed
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