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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

ndMonday April 2 2012Pharmaceutical Industry in Canada Regulatory System It is the same group reviewing federal government Health care in terms of delivery is under provincial jurisdiction So the right to health care is a national one and the delivery is provincialPharmaceutical Market If you look at units on the left in terms of units the amount of generic usage and brands is 5050 But the cost is significantly different Generic spending is less than 20 Products that are still under patent protection have little or no cost control and a lot of these are biologics So we are no longer talking about the traditional molecules The Canadian Prescription Drug Market Due to the erosion of prices that has happened generics price has dropped Since 2010 prices has dropped by another 25 Drug Costs in Canada Context Government In the 20102011 budget for Ontario 45 was health care Remember they need to buy a lot of other things as well It is estimated that at the rate it is going at 12 years it is 70 of the provincial budget There are various factors ageing population we live much longer a lot of the newer drugs eg biologics cancer drugs are very expensive Some treatments can cost up to 200000year for one personDrug Costs in Canada Context Government 2 Drug costs are increasing much faster as a component than the overall health care budget however it is still 10 of the overall budget 3 Looking at prescription drug coverage not if you have your own private insurance if you are retired or disabled or under the social program there are things that they can do to ensure that they can recoup a little more money They will have listing fees increased copayments etc they increase percentages to shift the burden a little more to you Unfortunately this is not politically popular The ones who vote the most are older
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