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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

Friday January 13 2011 MOVIE Cracking the Code of Life IntroEric Landers the genome is a storybook that has been edited over millions of years10 years before the human genome was decoded scientists worked diligentily to try to decode parts of it50 of the genes in a banana are the same as ours cell cycle replicating DNA making nutrientsthe sameWas thought to be the key for curing and understanding disease however Landers says that it may also make us uncomfortable Going back to when the first speck of life occurredThat speck wrote a chemical message passed down through generations this message is a continuous thread through all living thingsThe message is in DNALooking at it in real life it is very long strands of molecules which look like threads of common DNADNA has told us many things that we did not expect for example we have only twice as many genes as a fruit fly also we are closer to worms than we could ever imagineBase pairs make up a code the formula for a human beingOnly 1 of the DNA of a chromosome are actually genes HGPHas been occurring since 1990 and it was predicted to take at least 15 years This was because in the early days of the project a scientist could spend years just trying to figure out a few bases o It took 10 years for example to find the mistake that leads to cystic fibrosisThe original way to code DNA would be to write letters beside a band and then going from there this took foreverThen came the revolution in the last 10 years from the video the entire process is computerized but costs 100s of millions of dollarsNow 1000 bases per second could be decodedIn 1990 the challenge was to get a complete list of our genome as quickly as possible so that we could create tests etc and understand diseases Craig Venter
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