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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

thMonday January 30 2012 Novel Molecular Strategies for the Prevention of Anogenital Cancers Importance of cervical cancer worldwide Anogenital cancers affect men and women but cervical cancer is the most important It is rdmost important in 3 world countries because they do not have wellestablished ways to deal with these cancersHuman papillomavirus an overview Can infect the genital tracts of men and women Types that cause cancer are highrisk genotypes as opposed to lowrisk genotypes There are 12 HPV genotypes considered oncogenic several others are still under investigation They are probably also oncogenic but they are so rare it is hard to show if they are oncogenic or not How do we show that a genotype causes disease in this case cancerIn vitro evidence that the virus can change and immortalize cells over express the gene but this is not a clear demonstration that it causes disease in humans This is better for showing how the virus causes disease Bradford To implicate the virus in cancer you need to do epidemiological tests First you need to look into populations and look to see if women with cancer are infected with virus and if women without cancer are not infected with the virus You need to look at different populations as well to make sure these results are found in various countries You also need to know the specificity of infection maybe people with cancer are only more susceptible to infection You also need a biological gradient it is persistent and is in higher quantity in people with disease Finally most difficultly you need to demonstrate that getting rid of infection prevents cancer Prevalence of HPV types in invasive cervical cancer Some of the genotypes are cured much more frequently than others Most cancers are induced by two genotypes 16 and 18 If you ever wanted to develop a test to detect the virus you need to take into consideration that there are many genotypes that have enough differences between them to be considered different viruses Prevalence of HPV infection in the USA You can see that HPV infection even by oncogenic genotypes is fairly frequently found in men and womenIncidence infection by HPV in young women in Montreal
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