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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

thFriday March 16 2012Legal issues pertaining to starting up a small biotech companyWhats a Start Up Most people want to help people and make money but you really need planning and promise or else people will not want to invest in your company Some foundations like the Bill Gates Foundation will invest in small companies however for the most part investors must be adequately convinced that you are worth it The Business Plan Good tool to keep track of where you are going and it is important to convince investors to give their time energy and money The plan must always be revised things do not always go as planned Keep in mind everything about running a company and keeping it goes requires money Due diligence inquiry involves investors picking apart the company making sure that everything is in place and makes sure that the business plan is good and will last Business Issues Due Diligence Basically it is an estimate of the future value of the company Risk is the time and money needed to develop the product A good example is drugs because it takes the most amount of time to produce 10 years
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