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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 387
Robert Murgita

thMonday March 26 2012 Introduction Basically the word that they want to use is healthcareassociated infections because it is more broad It includes a lot of things nurses dentists etc not just doctorsIntroduction 2 In 20022003 we started to become worried about these infections This is a quote from the WHO Looking at statistics from these years it is a real concern It was estimated in Canada during those years that this was one of the major causes of death Introduction 3 Definition based on the WHO If the infection was within 48 hours of admission then it most likely came from an outside source based on incubation periods As a general rule though this 48 hours does not make sense for every bacteria Some have a longer and some have a shorter incubation periodIntroduction 4 Definition is very similar It says that classically if the infection appears 48 hours after hospitalization then it is considered nosocomial However they add that this should not be applied without thinking ie it really depends on the infection Introduction 5 Things that need to be true in order to consider the infection nosocomial In the lecturers opinion she thinks that both endogenous and exogenous infections count as nosocomial However some judges consider endogenous infections as not related to health care since you already had the bacteria on you and it is not the healthcare that infected you A problem with the common elements definition is that tests are not done at triage Therefore unless it is obvious that you came in with the symptoms of the infection it is hard to prove that the infection is healthcare associated But you can work with incubation periods to figure it out roughly This is generally what is doneIntroduction 6 Although the bacterial infections are the ones that tend to get on the news and cause death any type of infection can be implicated in terms of healthcare related illnessContext
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