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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
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MIMM 413

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thWednesday April 4 2012Development forms of foodborne T cruzi is not transmitted because you are bitten but because they defecate and then you get infected through thereT gondii oocysts are only in the definitive hosts the catsProtozoan Parasites and their interactions with the Some parasites remain in the apical portion like cryptosporidium With Entamoeba most people get diarrhea and dysentery when they get it With dysentery diarrhea there is blood in the stool This parasite also goes to the liver extraintestinal parasite Giardia intestinalis Can effect several million people and we have it here not just in developing countries Several outbreaks are in developing countries as well This disease can kill people especially if they are HIV positiveThe Numbers Millions of people are infected and especially when you travel and come back you could experience diarrhea It could be many of the parasites discussed so far The best way to diagnose would be to look at the stool under the microscope Important when people have diarrhea stool analysis is always usefulBiology and Life Cycle There is the trophozoite and remember that the parasite lives in the upper part of the small intestine The cyst is the infective stage the trophozoite cannot live long outside The cysts can survive up to 3 months at 4 degrees It was shown that 10 cysts are enough to infect humans In the case of cryptosporidium one is enough Cyst It is not resistant to freezing so you can kill it by freezing your water Remember there is a disease where some species are resistant to freezing for 23 decades in meat eg Trichinella Biological Features People think that this might be an ancient eukaryote because it is lacking nucleoli and the mitochondria is not functional 2
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