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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thMonday February 6 2012InflammationRelated Pathological Lymphadenopathyswelling of the lymph nodes Tsetse fly transmits T brucei Next Slide Inflammation in general Immune cells are attracted by chemokines released by macrophages Inflammatory cells are then in circulation and they express receptors that make them stick and roll on vessels following the increasing concentration of chemokine until they get to the site of infectionHere is also in the context of the adaptive immune response right side of the image Chemokines The Xs in CX3C are amino acidsChemokines and inflammatory proce3ss Chemokines lead to the chemotaxis of cellsInflammation and MalariaRelated Pathologies RBC in circulation will be trapped by liver and spleen this leads to lumps of cells and enlargement of the organs esp for the spleen which can become 3x the size This is hepatosplenomegaly Next SlideNext 2 slides Slide already seen before Molecule of interesthemozoin formed from RBC inorganic crystals formed from the digestion of haemoglobin by the parasite The haemoglobin is toxic for the parasite therefore it is turned into hemozoin Next 2 Slides Pictures of Hemozoin In malaria infection their brain liver and lungs turn brown to black depending on how high the infection was Even if the infection is treated the organs stay that colour It is not involved in killing but in induction of fever HemozoinTNFalpha and ILbeta are also involved in induction of fever HZ and Chemokine Genes Expression They were able to induce different signals chemokine genes by the addition of the crystals to the macrophage The gene expression level is compared for Hemozoin or betahemo addition so see how inflammatory they are
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