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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thWednesday February 29 2012 Chagas disease can be transmitted up to 34 generationsParasites Some of the organisms that we will discuss are bioterrorism organisms if they are dumped in a water source the way that we treat our water will not kill the parasite With toxoplasmosis there is a way to treat the infection but it is very hard 3350 of us are infected with it When women are pregnant often the dormant parasite wakes up Only in France and Austria is there mandatory screens for toxoplasmosis in pregnant women in other countries you need to ask your doctor to screen Trichomonas foetus and Trichomonas vaginalis are all problems Remember these are all parasites There are also brugia a type of filarial there is a lot of problems with these in the tropics At the MGH they run a lot of tests Samples from all over Canada are sent when a parasitic infection is suspectedTake home message phylum apicomplexa Also there is only one species for toxoplasmaToxoplasma gondii is a Coccidia This is a food and waterborne disease The development of oocysts occur only on felines catsToxoplasma gondii By looking at lab rodents in Africa they found an organisms Since this rodent was from the African rodent gundi it was named T gondii2 The life cycle looks simple compared to others T gondii can infect any warmblooded vertebrate including cats But important is that most of infection is through intermediate hosts this is when the asexual stage of the parasite occurs Intermediate hosts would be us for example The definitive host has the sexual stage of the parasite Therefore the gametes and the oocysts are in felines 3 EXAM HINT what would you look for in feces to find toxoplasma in the feces of intermediate hosts Is it possible to find oocysts No This is very important If a patent comes into the office and you think that it is toxoplasmosis you cannot take a fecal sample and look for oocysts In the intermedial host we should be looking for seropositivity In this case we would be looking for IgM more recent IgG exposed a while ago But keep this in
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