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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thMonday January 9 2011 TropicalTemperate Old WorldNew World There are differences in diseases between tropical and temperate regions as well as in the old world vs the new world Origin of Human Infectious Diseases During the agricultural revolution we started living closer together as well as closer to animals animals were domesticated as well During the industrial revolution people started living in larger populations in the city So as humans have evolved to live in different conditions pathogens have coevolved Five Stages in the evolution of animal pathogens into human pathogens Stage 1 diseases are diseases only in animals they never infect humans Stage 2 diseases are in animals but can sometimes get into humans and cause serious diseases eg rabies it does not spread from person to person however because it is spread by bite Another example is H5N1 present in chickens once it gets into people it kills 50 but it is not spread from person to person Stage 3 is where an infection can transmit in humans but not very effectively causes localized infections eg Ebola vi
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