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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thWednesday January 11 2011 Most pathogens originate from the Old World New infectious diseases entered the New World 5600 years ago with colonists who brought with them domestic animals chickens ducks cows pigs camels etc The New World was fairly devoid of infectious diseases compared to the Old World However there is one clear example of a disease that was not present in the Old World but present in the New World is Chagas Disease trypanosome as well as Syphilis but this one is debatable In the New World it was transmitted from skin to skin contact people wore less clothes and was milder and called something else When It got into the New World people wore more clothes it was now transmitted sexually and became more virulentWhats Next Airport malaria outbursts of malaria around airports because people with malaria land mosquitos bite them when they are still close to the airport and this causes outbreaks around airportsCamel pox is included in the list of bioterrorism because the closest relative to human smallpox is camel poxThe threat of infectious diseases in North America and Europe is smaller th
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