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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thMonday January 16 2011 Leprosy Disease that is largely eliminated but is still a problem in many countries India Nepal etc Caused by a bacteria in the Mycobacteria familyChagas Disease Named after Carlos Chagas who discovered the disease in 1909 It is also caused by trypanosome It is only present in South America so it is very specific to the New World It is transmitted by the beetle and it generally bites during the night feeding on blood It most commonly bites in the region of the eye causing swelling Trypanosomiasis causes headaches fever etc acute phase and then the disease gets into the chronic phase which can last for 2030 years Only 1020 of those infected when young get chronic phase large intestine liver heart problems At this point the only cure is a heart transplant It is hard to find a cure for a disease that last 2030 years until you get symptoms therefore the best way to manage the disease is to spray to get rid of the beetles Darwin described what it is like to be bitten by these beetles he described how aggressive the beetles were 30 years later Darwin died of heart problems he had all the symptoms of chronic heart diseaseDisease Adjusted Life Years DALYs What is the best way to deal with a set of diseases which are largely neglected The WHO links them together and deals with them as a single disease Together they have a large impact on human health DALY is a term often used to describe the impact of a disease Aside it was estimated that it would cost 3 billion a year to manage malaria worldwide Seven Most Common NTDs All helminth infections except Tracoma a bacterial infection Over 1 billion people are infected with these diseases Countries with the most Really concentrated in SubSaharan Africa Instead of having 7 different programs to deal with each disease it would be better to have 1 program dealing with all 7 diseases Cost of Rapid Impact Pact of NTDs Only 4 drugs to deal with all 7 diseases None of the drugs are under patent anymore and are being provided for free To produce the drugs the cost is less than 1 per year see slide for other diseases The major effort is needed to get the drugs to the right people vaccines might not even be necessary
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