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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

rdMonday January 23 2012 Antimony Ancient type of therapy for Leishmaniasis still used in some parts of the world most common treatment Preferential pricing by Breaks down the membrane of fungi but also breaks down the membrane of Leishmaniasis Because it is so useful the company has donated it it is given for free But it is still expensive in developing countries to treat people with fungal infections with this drug It is offered cheaply for Leishmaniasis only Next Slide The drugs must be given IV The good thing about this drug is that it only takes one treatment and takes an hour to diffuse completely The person can leave the same day and it is an over 95 cure Next Slide What it looks like in different phases Once they get into the macrophage they lose their flagella and start to replicate Next Slide You can culture the macrophage and culture the promastigote and you can see the promastigote entering the macrophage Next Slide Life cycle shown here Promastigote is present in the sandfly and is transmitted to the human host when bitten The flagella allows the promastigote to attach to the sandfly gut so that it does not get washed out The promastigote gets into DC and macrophages but it only replicates in the macrophages It enters into an endosome which fuses with the lysosome and in the phagolysosome it starts to replicate into many amastigotes At one point it bursts out and infects other cells When the sandfly takes bloodmeal it becomes the promastigote again and the cycle continues For most species of Leishmania rodents are by and large the main reservoir Humans are reservoirs for L donovani Important is that it replicates only in macrophages no other cells Important is that in the stage in the macrophage it can survive for months But in the promastigote phase it can only live for days a sandfly only lives for about 20 daysLife cycle of Leishmania
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