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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thWednesday March 7 2012 Schistosomahelminth liver fluke Trichinellosisnematodes Thichinella is the smallest nematode and it looks like a virus even though nematodes are round worms We have trichinella here Introduction Food borne disease This disease was not recognized for a long time because the acute infection symptoms are inflammation and then it goes away Later on a cyst can remain in muscle for years You can get this from undercooked meat and this will release the larvae that will infect the intestines Most of nematodes have eggs eg ascaris but with this parasite there are NO eggs in stoolMain Epidemiological Features of Trichinella Species T spiralis is the most common trichinella and you can find it everywhere in the world T native is what we have here up North If people eat walrus meat and share it there could be a lot of outbreaks Problem with diagnosis is that when you take serum in acute phase you do not see Ab You have to repeat serology later onThe three with stars beside it do not have capsules All the rest doAll of them have been reported to infect humans except for the very last one HINT know which are encapsulatednotTrichinella in humans Can infect all mammals birds and reptiles But humans are the only one who suffer with the disease Animals get cysts but have no problems Most of the reservoirs are pigs Next Slide Shows the wide distribution of Trichinella species T spiralis is all over the place In North America you have T pseudospiralis Keep in mind T native is up north Characteristics of Trichinella species HINT pay attention to Characteristics column T native is where you really need to cook meat They all have low reproductive capacity except for T spiralisThe worm that would be a virus 2 Puerto Rico and Australia are completely free of Trichinella3
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