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McGill University
Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thMonday March 26 2012 Waterborn disease people are infected with oocysts The oocysts have 4 sporozoites that are released When people are infected therefore they can be infected for life especially those with HIV or immune suppression There is only one compound approved by the FDA and it is very controversialSpecies Names of There is no definitive host not host specific This disease causes diarrheaAbsence of Host Specificity Not host specific Cryptosporidiosis Zoonotic and anthropozonotic People most at risk are the immunesuppressed elderly and children Anthropozonotic means human to human transmission Therefore it is difficult to eradicate Sources of Cryptosporidiosis Keep this figure in mind water born anthropozonotic and zoonotic diseaseCryptosporidium parvum a threat to Farm animals can release the oocysts into the environment People say that the disease is also food borne fruits and vegetables can be contaminated and infect peopleC parvum control The oocyst is tough to kill It can survive in potassium dichromate All research done is with oocysts multiplied in the cow They store them in potassium dichromate Keep this slide in mindEpidemiological Considerations Airborne infections have also been reportedLife Cycle The best way to kill C parvum in water is hint important see slide beforeLife cycle starts when people ingest oocysts containing 4 sporozoites They are released inside the intestine and they become trophozoites The trophozoites develop into Type I meront They become Type I merozoites which are released This is the first way of autoinfection trophozoitemerozoitetrophozoite hard to differentiate using a microscope Asexual stage of C parvum
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