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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 413

thMonday March 19 2012 REVIEW OF LAST LECTURE W bancrofti and B malariae are the main causes of LF In the case of W bancrofti if you have a patient in the office the best way to diagnose is with travel history and taking blood at night Otherwise you must inject oxygen into the patient during the dayClinical States of W bancrofti The main pathology is elephantiasis Progression of Clinical Pathology in Lymphatic FIlariasis Most of the time people are asymptomatic during this incubation PPP release in the stool and the blood Some pathological conditions Is it possible to find the adult worm in the patient No When you take blood you are looking for microfilaria The adults are in the cavities not the blood This disease causes a large physical and psychological impactDiagnosis Possible to diagnose using a thick and thin smear If you coat a plate with an antigen for Leishmaniafilaria vs coating a plate for monoclonal Ab what is the difference What is the best HINT When you coat your plate with antigen you are looking for Ab So you are adding the serum of the patient But if you are coating your plate with MoAb and you add the serum you are trying to find the Ag So Ag will tell that the patient is actively infected The other is a past infection or a chronic infection So it is better to have an Agdetecting testTreatment People can use DEC but this compound will not kill all the microfilaria and will kill a small portion of the adults The best treatment is a combination of DEC and Ivermectin Next Slide How ivermectin acts by blocking the glutamate gated Cl channel this paralyzes the wormAlbendazole Binds to the betatubulin so that it prevents the microtubule polymerizationIncreased Efficacy of Combined Albendazole
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