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Lecture 7

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Microbiology and Immun (Sci)
MIMM 465
Edith Zorychta

Lecture 7Flu pandemicsDr LiangContentsBasic features of influenza virusesInterspecies transmission of influenza virusesFlu pandemicReplication of influenza virusesVirus entryViral RNA transcriptionVirus assemblyInteraction with host factorsFlu vaccinesFlu antiviralsBasic features of influenza virusOrthomyxoviridaeInfluenza virus Ahuman pig bird horseInfluenza virus Bhuman sealInfluenza virus Chuman pigIsavirus salmonThogotovirus thogoto virus choir virusmosquito mammalsInfluenza A and B causes the most human pandemics annuallyInfluenza A virusPleomorphic morphologythey have different morphology such as spherical OR filament morphologyEnveloped particles8 segments ofssRNA genomeHA and NA as neutralization antigensM23 surface proteinsHA binds to the host cell receptorNA cleave the receptor so the particle can leaveM2 is an ion channelPA PB1 and PB2 proteinstogether form a complex transcription machineryCan replicate the viral genomeNP proteinRNA binding protein will hold and protect the viral genomeM protein matrix proteinNS proteinnonstructural proteinInfluenza C virus carries 7 RNA segments while Influenza B virus has 8 segmentsSubtypes of influenza A virusAMosco1099H3N2antigenic typehostgeographic originstrainyearHemagglutinin Total of 16 subtypesNeuraminidase Total of 9 subtypesHA and NAmajor Ags that trigger immune system to produce AbsConfirmed subtypes in humansH1N1 Spanish Flu in 1918 Swine flu in 2009H2N2 Asian FluH3N2 Hong Kong FluH5N1 avian flu pandemic threatH7N7 zoonotic potentialH1N2 endemicH9N2 H7N2 H7N3 H10N7
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