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MUAR 211 Lecture Notes - Glissando, Berlin State Opera, Duple And Quadruple Metre

Music-Arts Faculty
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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

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March 26th, 2013
o first & most famous opera by Alan Berg
o based on German playwright Georg Buchner’s Woyzeck left incomplete due
to death
o almost century later Berg reworked 27 scenes of play into libretto of 3 acts with
5 scenes each
o worked on it 1917-1922 while on leave from WWI
o Erich Kleiber conducted world premiere of at Berlin State Opera on December
14th, 1925
Charles Ives (1881-1945)
o American composer & organist born in Danbury, Connecticut
o son of military bandmaster & music teacher
o worked as church organist as teenager & as young adult
o studied music composition at Yale University
o made successful & lucrative career in insurance composed in spare time
o early attempts at performance & publish failed self-published at own
it was too innovative & thought to be poorly constructed
o few heard his compositions until after he gave up composing in 1920 due to
discouragement & illness
o still returned to & revised previous compositions
o won Pulitzer Prize in 1947 for 3rd symphony composed in 1904
o most famous works were progressive modernist so composer’s reception
innovative American genius ahead of his time
o social & political critic
o wrote music that reflected his views
o rich from his insurance company that still exists today so didn’t have to rely on
music first composer we have talked about that wasn’t a professional
o advocated individuality & originality; had open-minded & curious view of music
o includes some of the most important innovative techniques polymeter,
musical quotation
o music often much about rhythm
historiography: the study of history and how it is perceived
reception: history of meanings imputed to historical events
polymeter: simultaneous use of different, perhaps conflicting meters; ie/ one part plays
triple meter, other plays duple meter
“bell bottoms ARE going to come back”
musical quotation: using borrowed & often very easily recognizable excerpts of music
by other composers within newly composed piece
o Ives didn’t only quote art music, also quoted nationalistic music
o late in the 20th century, most music is only quotation music
collage (pastiche): construction of a new art (musical) work using fragments of
previously existing art (music); can be easily perceptible or carefully hidden within new
The Unanswered Question is a programmatic piece, a symphonic poem is the genre
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