MUAR 392 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Blue Yodel, Yodeling, Alterity

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16 Aug 2016
MUAR 392
Lecture 3
TV Commercial
-500 word essay
1st Listening Quiz: Jan 27
-Official listening list will be posted to My Courses — cover material through the end of week 3
Listening and Observing music
-Observations about the music (song itself, form, rhythm, performance style)
-Observations about lyrics (form, content, what the song is about, what is the tone of the
words, lyrics telling us about the singer, who is addressed…)
-Observations about the imagery (what does the singer look like, what is the setting…)
-Woman is overlooking the performer as he is singing about a woman
-Amused by the music
-Informal performance (singer appears to be a poor man, setting is on the front porch of what
appears to be an Inn) — Railroad Eating House
-“If you don’t want me woman, you sure don’t have to stall” — claiming he can be better off
without people that don’t want him as he will be content with people who appreciate his
-Performance style is vocal and guitar, there is no band or background music
-AAB form (lyrics and melody) — says a line, repeats it then says another line
-Primitive blues setting (one man with one guitar) — BLUES
-12 Bar structure (12 bar blues + 4 bars changing through the yodel refrain)
-Cheerful tone in contrast to the lyrics
-Violent lyrics (shot guns — talking about shooting two different people)
-Southern Atlanta Georgia
-“I’d rather drink muddy water in a hollow log”
-Setting appears to be in the Southern United States
-Train station
-Woman is looking at the singer in a flattering way even though he is singing about
aggressive, violent things
-Non-formal performance setting singing to two women
-Working class performer, performing for working class women
-Off screen audience: could be directed to people who would recignize this type of setting,
rednecks, hillbillies…Southern rural white Americans
Form/ Rhythm:
-12-bar blues + 4 bar yodel refrain
-Fairly steady beat w flexible appraoch to phrasing (some lines longer or shorter than others)
Floating Verses:
-Appears in lots of similar songs around the time
find more resources at
find more resources at
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