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February 7th

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Music-Arts Faculty
MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

MUAR 211The Art of ListeningWinter 2013 thFebruary 7 2013Classical period17501820Romantic period18001900 Bachs music was revived in the classical periodBeethoven started in the classical period and ended in the romantic periodsocialpolitical context of classical era o the age of enlightenmentcharacterized by rising faith inadvocacy of scientific inquirysocial equality continuing legacy of humanistic ideals o industrial revolutionpractical application of rational principles to technological problems lead to new inventions increased urbanizationdrastic changes in social structures of homework o rise of middle classdecline of patronage systemprofound consequences for how wherefor whom art was createdfundedreceivedo American 17751783French 17891799 revolutions birth of radical concept of inalienable rights for all peopledoom of feudal government if Europegeneral characteristics of classical music o lyricalfolklikegeneral brief melodieso homophonic textureo structural clarity regularitybalancemusical phrases divided into even subsectionsthere are clear cadences o majorminor tonality tonality syste
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