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February 12th

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Music-Arts Faculty
MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

MUAR 211The Art of ListeningWinter 2013 thFebruary 12 2013 thth music for 1819 centuries from Vienna Austriacity associated with 3 of the most influential musicians of the Classical period o Franz Joseph Haydn 17321809 o Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 17561791 o Ludwig van Beethoven 17701827Haydn o born in Rohrau Austriao Mozart called him Papa Haydno once kicked out of choir since couldnt maintain soprano voice becomes freelance musician with nopatron o age 29 entered service for Esterhazy family Esterhazy family was wealthiestmost powerful Hungarian royal familypalace was huge with academies court musicians music at dinner and in eveningso eventually became Kapellmeisterin charge of substantial musical establishment in palace of Esterhazyfinancial securityfree access to good ensemble of playersinexhaustible opportunities to composefrequent contact with fine musiciansm
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