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February 28th

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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

MUAR 211 – The Art of Listening Winter 2013 th February 28 , 2013  many specific varieties & styles of opera but break down into 2 basic types (serious & comic) o opera seria (Italian) + grand opera (French) = genres of serious opera o opera buffa (Italian) + opera comique (French) = genres of comic opera o only French opera comique used spoken dialogue  French grand opera appealed to the middle class audience through sheer extravagance o spectacle as important as music so following often featured: machinery, choruses, extravagant sets & costumes, ballets & other dances, crowd scenes, exotic animals o librettos often based on historic topics, larger than life characters & events of large scope  Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) o dominant opera composer in Italy for 50 years after Donizetti & true Italian national hero o preferred librettos based on successful plays/novels  many of historical topics  Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) o Italian composer o most known for operas o regarded as most important, influential & beloved Italian composer after Verdi o librettos of Puccini’s operas often based on popular contemporary novels & plays o some operas demonstrate late 19 -century fascination with realism & therefore feature fairly realistic & contemporary characters of all social classes o actively sought authentic Japanese melodies  Madama Butterfly was a tragic opera in 2 acts by Giacomo Puccini o libretto created by Giuseppe Giacosa o provides rare example of exoticism among Puccini’s operas o first performance was a failure o today, one of the most often performed & beloved operas  bel canto: beautiful singing; term often associated with singing style of 19 century Italian opera; characterized by florid (decorative, busy) melodic liens delivered by voices of great agility & purity of tone  prima donna: singer of the pri
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