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April 2nd

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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

April 2 , 2013  John Cage (1912-1992) o Guru of avant-garde o important & influential American avant-garde composer, philosopher, author, lecturer & visual artist o student of Arnold Schoenberg (who invented atonal music) at UCLA o Schoenberg required his students to dedicate themselves to music o influenced by sounds/spiritual teachings of non-Western cultures (percussion music, sounds of Indonesian gamelan, teachings of Zen Buddhism, etc.) o highly regarded teacher & student of Buddhism o didn’t invent percussion ensemble, but important composer of it o important early composer for percussion ensemble  referred to it as “all- sound music of the future.. because all sounds are acceptable to the composer of percussion music” o inventor of prepared piano (type of extended technique for piano)  insert objects between piano’s strings according to composer’s specific instruction  ie/ Cage would attach screws/nails to specific strings of a conventional piano o composed works for prepared piano in various genres o he said that when he listens to music, he feels as if someone if talking to him o talks about music as a spatial art & sound is acting  gets at the way we impose meaning on sound o his later music never sounds the same twice  sonatas & interludes for prepared piano (1946-48) o multi
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