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April 9th

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Jerry M.Cain

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April 9 , 2013  how to determine a genre of a song without knowing anything about it o first: listen for the ensemble  a film score can be widely various  birth of cinema = Paris, 1895 with beginning of short films of Louis & Auguste Lumiere  1926 Warner Brothers Studies invented vitaphone system, which could synchronize recorded music with action on film reels  music can be linked to characters, scenes, feelings, etc. in movies  Max Steiner (1888-1971) o King Kong (1933)  full length symphonic score is an important early classic o Gone with the Wind (1939)  3.5 hour original score o Casablanca (1942)  the music in the beginning of this sets the mood/scene so you know where you are  film score: genre  scoring a film: act of creating a film score  functions of music in film: o establishes mood, informed & manipulating listener through choices of musical styles, harmonic language, timbre (ensemble & scoring) & use of common musical tropes o sets place & time of action o running counter to the action: music that is inappropriate for or emotionally distant from the dramatic action o character establishment & development  leitmotifs: musical motives that symbolize or are otherwise associated with particular character, scene, situation, idea, etc.  2 principal types of film music: o source music/digestive music: music that comes from a source that is part of the action of the movie; the viewers think that those in the scene can hear the music that we can hear; the music is in the scene itself; course music can also move the action o underscoring/nondigestive music: music that comes from an unseen source and “outside” the action of the movie
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