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Lecture 13

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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Friday February 4, 2011 Lecture Thirteen Unit Two: Classic and Romantic Music Classical period: no later than 1750. A little earlier than that is the pre-classic period (led up to the classic style).  Called Classical because during the 19 thcentury, it was thought of as the “ideal” type of music by people who did not like or did not know anything about Baroque music. th Romantic period: basically the 19 century. Beethoven is the transitional figure between the Classical and Romantic periods. Right now we will speak about music in Vienna only, ignoring France and Italy. Music played: Chopin. Ensemble: piano.  The earliest piano were called fortepiano or pianoforte. o Called this because on the piano, you can plth loud or soft o This is different than the modern piano (19 century) o The pianoforte was invented around 1700 Even though it was invented before the end of the Baroque period, it was really dominant in the Classical period.  Mozart/Beethoven were both virtuoso pianists Pianoforte was mostly made of wood. The soundboard (flat with the instrument) was also made of wood, and therefore very soft. They were not fortissimo, but you could get varying levels of loudness. There is a hammer inside that strikes
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