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Friday April 1, 2011 Lecture Thirty Two Song played (Sonata V the 6 th number is Sonata number 5):  Ensemble: supposed to sound like a Balinese gamelan, but it is in fact a piano.  This piece must be known for the final exam  Things inside the piano (screws, rubber erasers, wire, etc) o “Prepared piano” He was a student of Arnold Schoenberg. When he left Europe he came to the USA, and when he was working at UCLA, Cage worked with him.  Cage was very influenced by a lot of non-Western practices (Buddhism, Indonesian and African culture, etc)  Has non-Western percussion influence, but this influence also affected all of his music th There is no such thing as percussion art music before the 20 century. In Cage’s music, there is always some structure. He means for some of his music
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