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Lecture 15

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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Wednesday February 9, 2011 Lecture Fifteen Haydn symphony: the Farewell Symphony (all the musicians leave at the end).  Movement is ‘moderato’, in is triple meter  It is a dance, so it is the 3dmovement Besides symphony, genre that has 4 movements and contains a dance movement is the string quartet. Haydn (Symphony No. 104 in D Major)  At the beginning, it is not in D major yet, as the key is not established yet Piano (or any keyboard) + flute = a sonata In sonatas, the first movement is usually the most serious movement. The second movement is slower, and more lyrical. The last movement is light once again. In 1750 when they say sonata, they mean solo sonata. th Concerto grosso comes back in the 20 century, and they refer back to the Baroque genre. Something to spot about concertos is the cadence near the end of the first movement, after which the soloist plats. This is a Cadenza (see notes). You always have this in the first movement of a concerto, and sometimes you have it at the end as well. At the time, this is w
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