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Lecture 18

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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Wednesday February 16, 2011 Lecture Eighteen Moonlight Sonata: Minor key first movement (and slow), Faster Middle movement, and Minor key last movement (fast). The overall key is minor as well.  A lot of Beethoven’s rules do not follow the genre rules at the time  This is why he is both a Classical and a Romantic composer Essay question:  Classical composer because this is a three-movement sonata, which is what you would expect. This is the Classical influence.  But it is modeled on the Classical era, and also takes exceptions to the genre rules. The rules of harmony (it is more innovative).  This piece is kind of Romantic, but not as Romantic as the 9 thsymphony is.  So his classical traits were things that he inherited from Mozart and Haydn: 3 movement sonatas and concertos, 4 movement string quartets, etc. Basically, his ‘Classical Traits’ were that he composed in the styles and genres of the Classical period.  Then he expanded them and changed the genres. So through out the Romantic period, he composed in the Classical genres and changed them.  He’s a Romantic composer because his music has a lot of chromatic harmony in them. His music is more expressive, and loosens
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