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Lecture 12

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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Monday January 31, 2011 Lecture Twelve Violin solo + basso continuo = solo sonata 2 violinists + basso continuo = trio sonata J.S Bach- Cantata BWV 80 No. 2  Duet o Polyphonic (not singing the same part)  Obligato oboe part (completely written out and very prominent) 1700-1750 = “High Baroque” (Bach in his maturity) Aria: larger group accompanying than a recitative has. J.S Bach Epigone = something that looks at the past. At his death (1750) the Baroque period ends, however it really ended before that. The new classical style emerged around 1730. He was writing Baroque music until his death, however, while his sons were composing classical music. 
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