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Wednesday March 2, 2011 Lecture Twenty One Piece, Death and the Maiden.  Schubert only wrote for 7 years  He wrote a string quartet nd o The 2 (slow) movement o Scherzos are too fast to dance too, and have a weird rhythmic part in it, and is not dance-like  Many people say that this was written when he was very sick o Even the upbeat movements are bizarre dances, that are even about death Autographed manuscript: it is in his or her actual hand. Schubert, String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor  Must distinguish from the Haydn quartet (in major), while this is in minor  This piece is in ternary form  Note: the only parts of this music which is in a major key is the B section of this movement  Must know that it is a scherzo You can actually hear a minuet form. If it is an orchestral piece, than often the trio part (the B section) will contrast- the ensemble will be different (reduced orchestration). It will be different in general. In this case the B sections are fast and rhythmic, syncopated, and minor (in the tonic key of the work). But the middle section is major, very lyrical, with a homorhythmic melody. th On the exam, Beethoven‟s 5 Symphony will be given (he will tell us the first movement, in sonata form), and we must know what part of the sonata form it is (exposition, development, recapitulation).  Exposition: primary and secondary theme, then the primary theme again, and secondary theme, and then you‟re into the development. So you get primary and secondary twice.  In the recapitulation, the secondary theme comes back in tonic key (except in this piece it is in major), and then the theme drops out and you get a little oboe solo Clara Schumann  Once again, she did not make very much money from her compositions  From a middle class family  She was important becathe she introduced “great music” to her audiences o
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