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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Friday March 18 2011 Lecture Twenty SevenNo need to know any of the note examples that are in the notes But we need to know what atonal and 12tonal music is12tonal music is atonal by definitionExpressionism is most associated with Germany and Scandinavia but is not limited to there Just like Impressionism is most associated with FranceExpressionism often uses glaring colours that are considered wrongSchoenberg was living in the Vienna of Sigmund Freud psychology plays a role in Expressionist artSchoenberg taught privately Webern and BergstWho would have been the 1 Viennese schoolHaydn Mozart and BeethovenBut they were not actually called this The second Viennese school was only called that by historians not themselvesSchoenberg wrote atonal music he often avoided using octaves ie parallel octaves He also purposely avoided having relationships between for example the dominant chord followed by tonic Atonal music can use all 12 notes of the scale at any time in any wayThe book of Hanging Garden
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