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MUAR 392
Melvin Backstrom

MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 14 Cream  What is unique about the group according to Gleason article?  One of, if not the first “super group”  “We still feel that our function is as a band composed of musicians already dance band...we like to play for famous from earlier groups, in this case: dancers”? Compare to Pink Floyd (See Jack Bruce (bass), Ginger Rogers YouTube clip) (drums) and Eric Clapton (guitar)  Fairly unique in prioritizing live  Also, first “power trio”, use of large performance over recording – what amplifiers, PA system, heavy drumming explains this aesthetic shift? Why would and tube distortion to create enormous improvisation come to be seen as an sound important musical practice at this time?  Pioneered highly improvisationally-  “Dark Star” (Live 1969) from Live Dead; based mix of blues, jazz and rock & roll highly improvised, original less than 3  Listen to “Crossroads” cover by min, long vs. This 23 min version. “Crossroad Blues” By Robert Johnson Longest version over 40 min o Texture? Meaning of Origin of “Psychelic” o How do the instruments relate?  One of the most important groups of late  Psychedelic: From Greek psyche = 1960s San Francisco and one of if not soul/mind; delein = reveal/manifest  Coined by Humphrey Osmond in 1957 the first rock group to have 2 drummers as alternative to “hallucinogen” – why? Santana – Abraxas (1970) What is a Sequel? Grateful Dead – Aoxomoxoa (1969)  When two songs are connected with continuous music Pink Floyd – Saucerful of Secrets (1968)  Example th Acid Rock Vs. Psychedelic Rock o Gratefulndead November 8 , 1969; 2 set is approximately 120 minutes of continuous  Lysergsäurediethylamid in German translates to lysergic acid diethylamide music  Hence sometimes acid rock instead of o Dark Star>The Other One>Dark Star>Uncle John’s Band psychedelic rock, but essentially Jame>Dark Star>St. Stephen> synonymous The Eleven>Caution>The Main The Doors Ten>Caution>Feedback>We Bid You Goodnight  “Light My Fire” (1967) psychedelic rock  Listen to Excerpt of “Feedback>We Bid  From Los Angeles, California You:  Seen by some as dark and mysterious o How to understand merging of such extremely different musical in comparison to supposedly “sunny” optimism of San Fransico psychedelic genres? Why? music primarily because of singer Jim Chapter 44: Kozmic Blues of Janis Joplin Morrison’s Lyrics and darker baritone voice  Relatively unique for not having bass  How does Hentoff present Joplin? Define her as a performer and player; instead played by electric piano representative of the San Francisco player with left hand scene?  Form? What’s the main musical influence?  “We look at our parents and ....” and what?  What is the function of New York City in
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