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Melvin Backstrom

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MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 9 th Hajdu and Ray Articles Political Message of Soul  What does Hajdu point out about the  Link to civil rights movement role of sexuality in folk music?  Themes  How do differing notions of musical o Fight for rights authenticity continue to play a role in folk o Black pride music according to Hajdu?  Understated pre-1968  How does Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls  Post-1968 – Assassination of Martin respond to Hajdu? What doesn’t she like Luther King Jr. brings more militancy, about his article? more explicit relations to Black Power,  Do you think “women’s music” is a some influence from groups like Black genre? Why or why not? Panthers Soul Music Bifurcation of Soul  A new name in the late 1950s for music  Southern Soul (Stax, Atlantic) produced by African Americans mixing o Looser, more spontaneous and R&B music forms with Gospel-styled gospel influenced, “downtown” vocal expressions and effects o E.g. Booker T and the MGs, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Key Figures in move from R&B and Gospel Eretha Franklin, etc. to Soul  Northern Soul (Motown) o Arrange, smooth, “uptown”  Ray Charles o E.g. the Supremes, the  Sam Cooke Temptations, Smokey  James Brown Robinson, Marvin Gaye, “Little”  Jackie Wilson Stevie Wonder, etc What is soul? Chapter 34: Motown  Musical genre/style AND political  Who started it? When? Where? message  Barry Gordy Jr in Detroit, Michigan in  Mix of R&B and gospel 1960  Stephen Henderson in Understanding  What image did Motown want to New Black Poetry (1973) writes, “In the project? And what was goal for their late 1950s the word “Soul” surfaced in music? the musical community and quickly  A safe, clean image that would help spread to the wider Black Community, music crossover to white market where it came to mean not only a  What were Motown’s other strategies of special kind of popular music..but dealing with issues of race? also..‟racial spirit‟ and „racial flavor...the  At first, by not having pictures of artists’ word is losing some of its popularity on records now.”  Later, using success of Motown to force Musical Style of Soul those who also wanted to benefit from their success to accept racial equality, no segregation  Singing o Melismatic, bent notes, call and The Motown Sound response  Sometimes  Common use of verse-chorus form: e.g. o Slow tempo AABABABB o Triplet subdivision of beat,  Continuous repetition of hook “sermons” directed at audience in middle of song.  Gosp
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