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MUAR 392
Melvin Backstrom

MUAR 392 Lecture Notes May 25 Prince Little Red Corvette (1983) dancer, perhaps to compensate for lack of virtuosic vocal ability Emerges out of Minneapolis black music scene Paper Dont Preach (1986) Uses film Purple Rain (1984) to create mythical autobiography to accompany Although only 3 years since Lucky Star, her look and musical style are his star persona Little Red Corvette also breaks through noticeably different MTVs race barrier What else is interesting in this video? Why might this song and Prince in Identity as Performance particular, be considered safe black representation on MTV? See Onlin e link Notice opening synthesizer (probably What are some of the main similarities/differences between the then relatively new digital Yamaha Madonna and Michael Jackson DX-7) and drum machine mixed with live drums Musically? Stylistically? Visually? In contrast to fluidity of Jackson, Prince What does this foregrounding of and Madonna next several artists technological musical production, mixed with more traditional rock guitar sounds, maintained relatively stable identities suggest about Princes negotiation of throughout their careers. How do notions of authenticity figure in this the rock Vs. R&B/disco dichotomy of the difference? early 1980s? Chapter 68 Madonna and Performance Bruce Springsteen Identity Emerging out of the New Jersey Rock scene, he is hailed early on by critics as Part of trend bringing dance-oriented music back to mainstream in early possible saviour of Rock & Roll why 1980s under a new would such a saviour be necessary? Distinctive vocals, earnest performance music! Genre defined seemingly by style, and accessible lyrics contribute to function Relies less on musical ability than on common man image Difficult to discuss Springsteen without creative visual self-presentation (401) referencing Barthes grain of the voice Like Michael Jackson, understands th early-on potential of music video as Roland Barthes: 20 century French marketing tool; ability to manipulate semiologist concerned with the relationship between language and identity foregrounds star-persona as society type of performance Musical language strongly influenced by The grain of the voice is the encounter between a language and a voice...the time spent in Detroit and New York materiality of the body speaking its dance clubs How does Paglia understand Madonna? mother tongue. (Barthes, Image Music How does this contrast with Dark seven Text 186=187) Springsteens distinctive grain, a gritty, years later? street=wise, growl, is possibly more Lucky Star (1983) important than the societal commentary latent in his much of his music See lyrics of Born in the USA (1984) Early songs make frequent use of massive, resonant bass lines (403) o Listen to Original version Becomes Madonnas breakthrough o Listen to Acoustic version video and initiates the trend of What does this very different version tell us highlighting her body and talent as a about Springsteen as aperformers and his How does discourse of authenticity play audience? in such music? Rock Vs. Pop; real What musical genre is instruments and musicians (e.g. electric he referencing? guitar, instrumentalists) Vs. fake ones Country Blues (e.g. synthesizer, singers) are these binaries legitimate? Chapter 69 Bruce Springsteen I want it that way (1999) by Backstreet Boys How might one convey Marshs opinion of Springsteen in one word? Typical of Successful Canadian Musicians Authentic! before 1970 Does Frith agree? Think Springsteen is The Real Thing? What are the false Had to leave Canada and true contrasts he draws? How o Neil Young The greatest does this problemize Marshs Canadian dream is to get out, understanding? still true? Folk or Folk rock style, why? What does Frith mean by market populism? How might this type of music between understood to appropriately represent U2 With or Without You (1987) Canada? Deny or downplay heritage in order to First albums Boy, October, and War assimilate into American culture (1980-83), coming out of punk/new Examples wave, explore spiritual and political themes establishing the bands o Neil Young Everybody Knows This is Nowhere authenticity early on. Writing in 1984, Robert Christgau refers to Bono as a Historical Backdrop racing idealist (394) According to groups autobiography (U2 Difficulty knowing what defines Canada, by U2) The Joshu
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