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NSCI 201
Evan Balaban

LECTURE NOTESBRAIN METABOLISMAxis Temporal resolution spatial resolution how large or small a region of the brain that the technique can study how invasive the techniques areEEG and scalp ERP Human optical imaging MEG fMRIleast invasiveTranscranial magnetic stimulation TMS PET invasive bc use radioactive tracersmedium invasiveDrug manipulations lesionsinvasiveNonelectrical techniques PET and fMRI show the activity of cells and the role of the circuitry system not responsible for names on right diagramAt a local scale there are tiny capillaries and veins that feed local grps of neurons the neurons that ppl are studying CT imaging is basic Xray source shot through structure you want to image anddetectors on the other side Dpding on composition of the obect the image produced will be differentNot hard tissue Xrays pass through detect many eventsHard tissue Xrays dont pass through X rays absent from that areaChanging position of emitter and detectors and taking shots from around the object combine these images to decide where the shadow hard tissue is produced from Take a molecule youre interested in eg sugar major energy source for brain sugar taken up is proportional to energy used Use radioactive tag on the sugar put in bloodstreamSugar is radioactive thus emits radioactive particles Common isotope uses Flu18 which emits radioactive particles positrons which hit nearby electron causing 2 gamma rays to shoot out at 180 degrees from each other Circle of crystal detectors uoresce when hit by gamma rays Rays emitted in proportional to amt of sugar taken up and thus the activity of brainComputer looks for 2 detectors 90 degrees apart that have ashes occur simultaneously computer draws a line btwn the two Continue for all the ashes and the result is the lines all cross at the source of the radioactivityThese techniques are very impt for detecting cancersA special form of sugar was created in
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