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NUR1 220 Lecture Notes - Maladaptation, Intrusive Thought, Amnesia

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NUR1 220
Sonya Laszlo

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Helping Grieving People
- Heart, head, and hands approach to helping grieving people
- There are differences in ways people grieve
KEY CONCEPTS: (As listed in text)
Grief is:
- A universal phenomenon among people
- Comes from both tangible and intangible losses
- Is a natural reflex that exists to enhance survival
o Basic drive to restore attachment to the lost object
o When attachment can’t be restored the individual
exhibits despair and mourning behaviours
- An adaptive response
o Attempts to restore what was lost
o Reaction: loss of normal functioning maladaptation
- A natural phenomenon complications/illness can result from
o Reactions can be dysfunctional under certain
circumstances and require special professional
o May lead to depression may limit activities
- Complex and dynamic and varies between individuals and
among cultures
o Physical pain
o Discomfort
o Psychological distress emotional/intellectual
o Social dysfunction
o Spiritual discontinuity
o Varies during day/night, week to week, day to day
o Between cultures and traditions with death, loss and
- Avoidance and denial are typical ways people soften or keep out
the reality of painful loss
o Normal
- Has predictable and unpredictable features
o Faces, sounds, body language
o Differing circumstances:
Pre-existing morbidity
Personal coping styles
Influences of personality type
Social-cultural factors
Nature of loss
Age and role of deceased
Level of support
Mental health of mourner
- Support can come from professionals, friends, family, and
organization volunteers
- Behaviour
- Person is having a hard time
- Internal physiological reactions to loss or the threat of loss
- A life condition that has the potential to bring a person closer to
his or her faith
- Condition to be cured
- Intermix of grief with mourning and bereavement
o Grief: internal reactions
o Mourning: observable behaviours
o Bereavement: the cultural/social role of one who has
had a loss
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