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NUR1 220 Lecture Notes - Ethnocentrism

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NUR1 220
Sonya Laszlo

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How Values Affect the Mutual Goal Setting
Process with Multiproblem Families
Assumptions are often made in clinical settings goal setting without
input from clients.
Assumptions King cited:
- Perception of nurse and of client influence the interaction
- Goals, needs and values of nurse and client influence the
interaction process
- Individuals have a right in knowledge about themselves
- Individuals have a right to participate to decisions that
influence their life, their health, and community services they
- Health professionals have a responsibility to share information
that helps individuals make informed decisions about their
health care
- By collaborating and communication = they identify specific
goals, problems, and concerns
- Nurse must:
o understand values and how values differ
o Respect for others’ values
o Develop philosophy/pragmatic views of mutual goal
setting - effective
o Learning when and how to work within a mutual goal
setting context
- Decisions people make = based on their values (which are
shaped by culture)
- Ethnocentrism:
o Superiority of our own values
o Marlow’s Concept of Self-actualizing - doesn’t take into
account the economic barriers
o Dreher says that: “Erikson’s ‘integrity vs despair’
developmental task of the elderly is based on middle-
class values and does not take into account that some
elderly people have a better chance of achieving
integrity because of social and economic advantage. “
Some classes have advantages over others that
helps make it easier for them to go through life,
transitions, and death
Seen in her discussion of Kühler-Ross’
models of the stages of grief/response
in which certain classes have certain
aspects of life that give them better
advantages to make decisions and to
- Majorities within a society impose their values on minorities
o Eg. Education directed towards white, middle class
culture and language used
- Have the ability to determine what is best for you
o Trust in the client that they know what is best for them
o You are the learner
- By respecting the client, you will gain their trust and they may
share their perspective.
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