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NUR1 220
Sonya Laszlo

- Alternating between a narrow and wider point of Major Ingredients of Caring view/framework o Tending to a situation in isolation or considering a wider perspective and connecting with other factors Knowing Patience  Explicit vs. implicit knowledge  Knowing something is so vs. knowing how to do something - Patience gives time – allowing the other person to find  Directly vs. indirectly knowing something themselves at their own pace. - Impatience = reduces time and takes away from the other Caring: - Giving them time and space - Knowing their needs - Listening, being present = gives them time to think and feel - Being able to respond appropriately - Tolerance – expression of respect = allows growth of the person - Knowing their capacities, capabilities, limitations - Knowing your own abilities and limitations - Requires explicit, implicit, direct and indirect knowledge of Honesty the person. - To be honest with oneself - Barrier to caring is our tendency to limit caring and knowing - See the other as it is and now as I would like it to be or feel it to what we can verbalize. must be. Knowledge: - Be able to respond to their changing needs - Be honest with what you see. Not what you want to see. - Explicit: you can tell what you know in words - Idolatry: can’t care for them because you can respond to the - Implicit: you are unable to express it in words person - Direct knowledge: knowing something by experiencing it - See the person as they are and see yourself honestly too. – if - Indirect knowledge: knowing something without direct you are doing things wrong or right. experience. - Being genuine about caring. Be yourself – because it takes away from the person Alternating Rhythms - Make accommodations and vary methods to better do the Trust task - Trust the other to grow in its own time and way - Let them make mistakes and learn from them Rhythms of Caring: - Show trust by following their lead - Learn from the past
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