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NUR1 220
Sonya Laszlo

 What are your goals? Practice Recommendations:  What does quality of life mean for you?  How involved do you want to be? Client Centred Care  What would you like to know about?  What gives you the strength to carry on? Values and Beliefs of Client Centred Care:  What has worked for you before?  Who in your family or friends would help you? - The client is the one who decides if and who will participate in  How will you know what you will be able to his/her care. manage on your own? - Respect o DETERMINE HOPES - Seek to clarify the hopes, wishes, - Human dignity preferences, strengths, needs, and concerns of the client, - Clients are experts for their own lives from his/her perspective (GOALS): - Clients as leaders  Questions: - Clients’ Goals coordinate care of the health care team  What do you hope happens? - Continuity and Consistency of Care and Caregiver  What do you see down the road? - Timelines  What are your concerns? - Responsiveness and universal access  What do you need/expect from your health care o Responsiveness to their wishes, values, priorities, team? perspectives, and concerns o CLARIFY WISHES – Clarify the client’s wishes and follow Core Processes of Client Centred Care: his/her lead in determining the involvement of others in their health care: - Identifying concerns/needs  Questions: - Making decisions  What do you want to involve in your care? - Caring and service  Who else should be involved in this - Evaluating outcomes meeting/project?  What is important to you? Nursing actions:  Who would you like to make decisions for you, if you were unable to make them yourself? 1. Identifying concerns/needs o Initiate discussion or strategies – to understand the o Represent the CLIENT’S/COMMUNITY’S PERSPECTIVE on health, goals in life, as well as their concerns when client’s perspective regarding his/her health and quality making recommendations to others of life.  Questions: o Follow the client’s lead when providing information or teaching that the client wants with respect to his/her  What is this situation like for you? health/illness situation.
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