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Sonya Laszlo

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- Sometime we feel betrayed when ppl give us time to talk, but When is it my turn? The heart of change topic to themselves - Someone ppl, while “listening” try to figure out a counter- listening: the struggle to suspend argument our own needs - When ppl say, “nothing,” it’s a form of self-protection o Children: honouring their right to respond the way they want shows respect as well as interest – interest - Listening demands taking general interest in the speaker o Sincerity and caring in them and respect for their feelings. o If they kids feel that you are genuinely interested, they o Suspend the interests of self will talk o An active process  Listen to client, don’t concentrate on changing - It’s hard to listen when we feel that we haven’t gotten the attention we need. them o Try not to give sympathetic comments BUT I AM LISTENING:  May be seen as patronizing  Be compassionate - Selflessness of genuine listening is hard to sustain = fool o Requires you to suspend yourself ourselves that we are genuine listeners  Acknowledge what client has to say  Forget what you might say next “That reminds me of the time...” o Be responsive - Between friends = trading stories = ok  Gives the client a feeling that they are - Conversation is interactive understood “Oh, How Awful!”  Give them a sense of importance and that they are taken seriously - Listening means taking in, not taking over The Burden of Listening: o Concerns: the other person making a huge deal about it
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