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NUR1 220
Sonya Laszlo

Macro influences: Nurses’ Power in Interactions - Individual power: within wider social structures and of Patients relationships and attention to this aspect of experience = vital Conceptual Framework: - Superficial - Languageinteraction and power - Routine - Related to tasks - Power is observable and manifested in interpersonal encounters Prospective: - Symbolic interactions: o Life is a process of ongoing activity of varied - Macro-level factors eg. Institution interactions - Micro-level of nurse-patient encounters - Language = power Method: o Can create hierarchy Grounded theory: Power: - Doesn’t explain grounded theory - Different meanings from ppl Research: o There is no concrete definition 1. As a characteristic of the individual - Con: all female 2. As an interpersonal construct 3. As a commodity Reactive effect: 4. As a causal construct 5. As a philosophical construct - Rapport = important - Con: his presence may affect actual interactions between nurses 6. Power as an interpersonal construct and patients a. “give and take” i. Based on info, reward and coercion Limitations: Nurse’s Power: - Time - Recognized to have little or no power - Selective inattention o Selection of interactions only pertinent to research o Get more involved with policy formation - Assumptions: problems o Politics: policy formation - Participant observation and data analysis o Judgement of observer o Nurses: powerless and d
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