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murray and zetner (2009) article summary

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NUR1 221
Shari Gagne

The family: Basic unit for the developing person by Murray and Zentner (2009) Course Pack Reading Introduction This basic unit, the family, affects our development and health that we may live successfully or unsuccessfully because of its influence. Culture, not biology, determines family organization. The family exists as a primary system and social group, because most of the people share many of lifes experiences with the family. The family has a major role in shaping a person; it is a basic unit of growth, experience, adaptation, health and illness. The traditional family persists as a norm in the imagination. Today, the fragility of marriages (divorces), the diversity of roles held by the members and the increasing number of homeless families prevent the respect of those norms by each individual. This reading is an overview of the various forms, stages, and functions of contemporary families and of how you can use this knowledge. Keep in mind that family purposes, stages of development, developmental tasks, and patterns of interactions are all closely interrelated. The family should be viewed as a system, affected by the culture, the environment, religious-spiritual dimensions, and other variables, which affect the person and the society. Definitions and Family Composition The family members may be related to each other by blood, adoption, or marriage/cohabitation. The family also may be defined as domestic partners (intimate and committed relationship of mutual caring). Nurses who care for families should learn who it is that clients consider being members of their family. These persons should be included in the planning of nursing care. The familys beliefs, values, and practices strongly influence the health-promoting behaviors of its members. The nuclear family: two-generation family consisting of parents and children The family is a group whose members rely on each other for daily services. Non-traditional forms of families: same-sex or homosexual families. The study results indicate that same- sex marriage is here to stay, and that increasing our understanding of this phenomenon is a critical new area of social science research. People begin to realize that divorce does not necessarily improve life. The allure of creativity, growth, and expanding oneself emotionally through divorce is not necessarily realistic. Trends, roles, and functions of the family Demands of family time enters into our contemporary descriptions of family life: Changing family form, increasing effects of technology (accelerates the family lifestyles), increasing workload (overwork) Summary of Major Family Theories and ApproachesFamily Theory Definition of Family View of Person Approach/Focus Developmental Theory Family as several View as a member of a Analyze developmental frameworks group; each members needs and tasks of each adds complexity to the family life-cycle stage; Series of interacting group behaviors and changing personalities organized roles and tasks of each into paired positions members; analyze the (father AND husband, family as a unit, a whole; sister AND daughter) culture influences families at each stage of the family-life cycle Structural-functional Family as a system Person fulfills roles and Determine how family Theory has a status in the social patterns are related to Acts under family system other institutions and constraints, opens to overall society; study outside influences, family functions such as maintains boundaries reproduction and economics Interactional Theory Each members Person fulfills roles and Analyze roles, action interacting, with as an interacting being. taking communication assigned positions and processes, conflicts, roles, norms of problem solving, and
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