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Walsh 2006 article summary

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NUR1 221
Shari Gagne

Communication Processes (Walsh, F. 2006)  Good communication is vital to family functioning and resilience  In time of crisis, disruptive transitions, or prolonged stress, communication is more likely to break down- at the very times when it is most essential.  Communication involves the transmission of beliefs, information exchange, emotional expression and problem-solving processes. Clarity a) Satir (1988) observed that, even allowing for cultural differences, communication in healthy families is direct, clear, specific and honest. b) The clarity of family rules is as important as the rules themselves, since they organize interaction, set behavioral expectations and define relationships. c) Cultural differences must be taken into account. For instance, non-verbal communication is especially valued in Japanese culture. d) Its helpful for parents to encourage children to come to them if they have more questions or concerns. Open Emotional Sharing a) In well-functioning families, transactions are notable for a warm, cheerfully optimistic tone, with joy and comfort in relating. b) Aclimate of mutual trust encourages and is reinforced by open, empathic sharing of emotions. c) When a family member is upset or expresses unmet needs, others best demonstrate empathic concern by responding in both words and deeds. d) The emotional health of children is affected by the emotional climate between the parents. e) Resilient families show strikingly little blame, personal attack. Members take responsibility for their own feelings and actions and acknowledge their contribution to difficulties. f) Open expression of positive feelings is vital to counterbalance negative interactions. Relationships can tolerate considerable conflicts as long as it is offset by much more positive communication, through expressions of love, appreciation, respect, and pleasur
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