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Lecture 9

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NUR1 221
Sebastien Breau

WATCH: GENERATIONS TO COME Characteristics of Healthy Families  A sense of togetherness that promotes capacity for change  A balance between mutual and independent action on the part of family members  Availability of nurturance and resources for growth and sustenance  Stability and integrity of structure  Adaptive functioning  Mastery of developmental tasks leading to interdependence, progressive differentiation and transformation to keep family system functioning  Communication that is open, honest, clear, direct, and responsive to nonverbal messages  Unity – commitment and time together  Flexibility – ability to deal with stress and spiritual well-being o Teach respect, ethical values, and compassion for others  Communication – positive communication and appreciation and affection o Respectful and honest communication o Listen to each other without cutting someone off and trying to understand where the other person is coming from o Appreciation and affection - Sense of humour, respect individuality, etc.  Able to manage conflict even if for them it means not talking about it at all Assessing Healthy Family Behaviour  Difference between resilience factors and healthy behaviours o resilience factors – factors used to recover from a challenge or stress – are strengths or resources a family can use in times of distress o health be
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